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Master mandolin player Frances on why her instrument is so mysterious

Frances Taylor of The British Mandolin & Guitar Federation on why she loves it.



Mandolin.org.uk Featured Artist:

Image:  Dan Beimborn Dan Beimborn

A familiar face in the Gibson vintage instrument community with his web site the Mandolin Archive, Dan has also produced two successful solo recordings in "Shatter the Calm" in 2002 and "Torch and Fire" in early 2007.

Mandolin.org.uk Featured Band:

Image: The Coal PortersThe Coal Porters

Formed eighteen years ago in Los Angeles the Coal Porters were originally an electric act centred around ex-Long Ryder Sid Griffin, author of the hit single "Looking For Lewis And Clark."

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Dave Griffiths (Mandolin Express)
Exciting and entertaining instrumental quartet

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Colin Keefe, Luthier
Colin Keefe is a professional guitar and stringed instrument maker based in the East Midlands, UK.


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