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Master mandolin player Frances on why her instrument is so mysterious

Frances Taylor of The British Mandolin & Guitar Federation on why she loves it.



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Image: Annika LückebergfeldAnnika Lückebergfeld

Annika Lückebergfeld has studied mandolin with Prof. Caterina Lichtenberg, Prof. Marga Wilden-Hüsgen and Gertrud Tröster at the College of Music Cologne (Department Wuppertal/Germany) and completed her instrumental teaching diploma and her artistic performance diploma with honours.

Mandolin.org.uk Featured Band:

Image: Attika Mandolin OrchestraAttika Mandolin Orchestra

Attika fill a quality gap in the contemporary Greek Mandolin scene by building on a long tradition of excellence and professionalism, which in the past made Greek orchestras renowned internationally.

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Frances Taylor
Frances Taylor is our first female interviewee - and a classical mandolinist to boot.

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Rob Collins - TinGuitar.com
About Rob Collins, and the instruments "Biscuit tin guitars?"


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