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Broom Bezzums
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Image: Broom BezzumsAbout Broom Bezzums

Broom Bezzums is a folk duo with a fast-growing following of dedicated fans. They delight in a whirlwind of strong musical performances and engaging, cheeky off-the-cuff patter.

With a repertoire of critically-acclaimed original compositions, northern English folksongs and instrumentals, Broom Bezzums offer emotive ‘fiddle-singing’, ballsy guitar, lyrical mandolin and fiddle. Andrew even pumps up his pipes from time to time. They round it all off with robust, soulful vocals.

The press proclaims the pair as “congenial, quick-witted and fun-loving”, describing their music as “very soulful - a breathtaking fireworks display of technically impressive playing“. fRoots magazine described Andrew’s self-penned songs as “quite outstanding”.

So be prepared for angry worker’s songs, groovy instrumentals and lover’s lilts – all performed with verve and surety, and with a rapport that just leaps out at you from the stage.

Broom Bezzums – Mark Bloomer & Andrew Cadie


"The whole album is well crafted and signposts great things for Broom Bezzums" - Folking.com

"Andrew and Mark complement each other admirably on any instrumental combination they choose to employ…." - Living Tradition

Website: www.broombezzums.de

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