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The Cosmic Sausages
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Image: The Cosmic SausagesAbout The Cosmic Sausages

The Cosmic Sausages appear as a colourfully dressed folk band and armed only with acoustic instruments (accordian, mandolin, guitar and double bass) they ambush their audience with a sustained barrage of pop classics, mixing theatre, circus, competitions, crowd participation and impromptu walkabouts - occasionally dipping into a large case of 'props'.

Based in London (England) and with a repertoire of hundreds of songs, melodies and theme tunes, the Cosmic Sausages take their audience on a madcap musical tour of the world, meeting up with James Bond, Swedish folksingers, Eastenders, deranged cowboys, Cossacks and overacting popstars along the way.

The 'Sausages' developed their unique show during an epic 5-month European tour taking in 12 countries and performing their streetshows over 250 times.

They've appeared at loads of Street Theatre and Music Festivals in places such as Ferrara, Neuchatel, Bern, Castellaro and Thonon, as well as winter tours of the ski resorts including Chamonix, Argentiere, St Moritz, Meribel, Lenzeheide, Val d'Isere and Chateau D'oex.

Back home in England, the Sausages are at it all the time!

Festivals include the legendary Glastonbury (8+ times!) and they have also found themselves imbedded in local folklore in many towns where they have become street performance legends!

The Sausages have played hundreds of parties, weddings and functions of all kinds, They've animated this and that all over the place and also play extensively in Village halls up and down the land as part of the rural touring scheme.

They have played in a wide variety of locations from the large (Earls Court and Knebworth) to the small (Garden Fetes a speciality). They have performed at the National Theatre and appeared in Pantomime at 'Circus Crimbo' at Blackheath Concert Halls South London in 2000. They've performed on trains and boats and up mountains too.

Despite all this acclaim, they never forget their roots and regularly play in the gutter...


The Sausages have recorded 2 cassettes (remember them?): 'The Cosmic Sausages' and 'Down the Shops' (quite rare) and 2 CD's: 'A Fistful of Sausages' (1999) and 'Great Hits' (2002) (available on this website soon ).

Website: www.cosmicsausages.com

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