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Nov' Mandolin
Featured Band

Image: Nov' MandolinAbout Nov' Mandolin

One of a kind, this professionnal plectrum group is made of Vincent Beer-Demander, Fabio Gallucci, Cécile Valette, Gregory Morello, Marilyn Montalbano,  five teachers and concert performers graduate of the french and italian National Conservatoires.

The Nov’ Mandolin-sextet divides his time between concerts, training courses, teaching practice and contemporary creations.

The Nov’ Mandolin  brings together the talent, the energy, the enthusiasm necessary to stand out as one of the major and unavoidable actors of this revival. By making known the repertoire of today and by arousing for the compsers the one to come, they will be able to give thanks to the quality of their work, life and shape to a repertoire and an instrumental group. »
Florentino Calvo

Website: www.novmandolin.com/index.php?lang=en

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