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Image: PlektroniteAbout Plektronite

Plektronite was founded in 1998. Their repertoire is based on the rich traditional dance and ceremonial music from Finland: polskas, walzes, schottisches, polkas as well as minuets.

Their approach to the material is fresh and good-humoured. These rascals make sure that in the tune there's always a catchy and unexpectable twist to entertain the listener.

The debut album of the Finnish mandolin trio Plektronite is out and available. Plektroniitit tuloo! ("Enter the Plektronites!") is a cheerful collection of traditional tunes from Finland - swinging and serene, melodic and moving.

By jingling their big and small mandos the three Plektronites weave a rich texture of music that will make you smile and tap your foot with the irresistible rhythm - perhaps even hop a few dance steps!

Website: www.myspace.com/plektronite

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