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Attika Mandolin Orchestra
Featured Band

Image: Attika Mandolin OrchestraAbout Attika Mandolin Orchestra

Conductor Aris Dimitriadis has been working with Mandolin Orchestras for 20+ years. As a Mandolin soloist he has collaborated with many classical music groups and orchestras both in Greece and abroad. He created Attika to fill a quality gap in the contemporary Greek Mandolin scene by building on a long tradition of excellence and professionalism, which in the past made Greek orchestras renowned internationally.

Image: Aris DimitriadisAttika’s main objective is to expand the appeal of Mandolin music internationally. With a well-researched repertoire, Attika is following on the steps of the great Italian and French orchestras of this genre. However it also draws on an extensive Greek tradition, particularly 19th and early 20th century popular music from the Heptanese and Athens. Attika is the only Greek orchestra interpreting music that covers the entire spectrum of the last five centuries: from the Renaissance to the Italian Canzonetta, from Baroque to Romanticism, from Classical to Modern.

The Orchestra’s composition is as follows: A-Mandolins, B-Mandolins, Mandola Alto, Mandola Tenore, Mandoloncello, Guitars, Double Bass, Cembalo and Piano. Most members of its creative team are professional musicians, the rest being very talented and motivated amateurs.

Image: Attika Mandolin OrchestraThey have participated in several concerts, festivals and recordings in Greece, Turkey, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Taiwan, Albania and Hungary collaborating with artists of various nationalities and backgrounds, e.g. National Opera House in Athens, Kemal-Resit-Rey Concert Hall in Istanbul, Old Music Festival in Paros, Mandolin Orchestra Festival in Cefalonia. Worth mentioning is the first international performance Pavlos Ventouras’ PYLES in collaboration with the Association of Greek Composers, and the recording of Vassiliki Nika’s ANAFORA STO MIKI.

Online Petition

ATTIKA Plucked Strings Orchestra spearheaded the formation of a committee consisting of Conductors, Composers, Musicologists and Soloists of Strings and Plucked String Instruments, which (after 3 years of hard work) produced a draft course of studies for the Classical Mandolin. The recommended structure of this course is commensurate with the Greek law and the way Greek Music Schools operate.

Their recommendation was recently sent to the relevant Greek authorities (i.e. the Ministry of Culture) for their consideration. They would be obliged if you could take a look at the recommended course of studies for Classical Mandolin (translated in English) and – provided that you are in agreement and find this a worthwhile cause - support their effort to lobby the Greek Ministry of Culture by signing an online petition. You can do that by following this link:: http://www.petitiononline.com/mando07/petition.html

Website: www.myspace.com/attikaorchestra

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