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The Coal Porters
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Image: The Coal PortersAbout The Coal Porters

Formed eighteen years ago in Los Angeles the Coal Porters were originally an electric act centred around ex-Long Ryder Sid Griffin, author of the hit single "Looking For Lewis And Clark."

After the band relocated from Los Angeles to London original bass player Ian Thomson joined Lindisfarne so Griffin replaced him with Dorset native Paul Sandy and carried on. The Coal Porters enjoyed indie chart success in the UK and Europe and toured frequently, including the States.There Goes the Riffin' Griffin However ten years ago Griffin produced Lindisfarne's Here Comes The Neighborhood album and found himself inspired by the band's acoustic instrumentation. Upon completion of that album Lindisfarne passed the hat and bought Sid a mandolin as a Thank You.

Image: Coal Porters

With Griffin on Bill Monroe styled mandolin, virtuoso Dick Smith on banjo, Neil Robert Herd on flatpickin' guitar, jazz freak Paul Sandy on bass and dynamite fiddler Carly Frey sawin' away on the strings the acoustic Coal Porters were born. And bluegrass music received a real shot in the arm.

Already veterans of several European bluegrass tours the Coal Porters released The Chris Hillman Tribute Concerts in 2001, an all acoustic exploration of Byrds, Burritos, Gram Parsons and Bob Dylan. Rave reviews piled in from America's Bluegrass News, Britain's British Bluegrass News, Q, Mojo, Making Music, Folk Roots and many more.

KentuckySoon the CPs found themselves opening for Chris Hillman & Herb Peterson in London and they completed two exhausting US tours. In October 2004 they performed a extremely well-received showcase spot at the International Bluegrass Music Association's prestigious World Of Bluegrass Festival in Louisville, Kentucky and toured America as a bluegrass band yet again.

September 2004 saw the release of the first Coal Porters bluegrass studio album, entitled How Dark This Earth Will Shine, a dynamic release of eleven songs, eight of them bluegrass originals by the band with covers of Dylan, a traditional tune and a heartwarming musical surprise for all Celtic music lovers out there. January 2007 witnessed the release of Turn The Water On, Boy! by the Coal Porters and it received four star reviews in Mojo, Word, The Sunday Times, Q, Classic Rock (true!), and Uncut. Summer 2008 saw the Coal Porters perform acoustic bluegrass at the Glastonbury, Truck and Wood festivals in England, Sesiwn Fawr in Wales, Perth Americana in Scotland, Down On The Farm in Norway, Avante in Portugal and twice complete short tours of Spain.

Firmly established on the UK and European touring circuits the Coal Porters are an acoustic act with attitude. Their live show is polished yet passionate and second to none. Check them out and get ready for the ride of your life!


Website: www.myspace.com/thecoalporters

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