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Image: SixfifteenAbout Sixfifteen

The three members of Sixfifteen got together for fun at the Larmertree festival in 2005, and secured a spot in the Acoustic Roots Cafe at a quarter past six. Their first live Performance went so well that they were asked back for the following two days at…6:15.

Having been friends for years but in different bands, the trio first surfaced when they got together to jam on old bluegrass tunes in the campsite at various festivals. The musical policy eventually expanded to include material inspired by the creativity of ‘Newgrass’, via 70s rock and 40s jazz standards and arrangements of the odd classical piece (somehow…)

The band still manage to synthesise three distinct musical personalities into a cohesive whole while never losing sight of the point of it all…good music.

Website: www.sixfifteen.me.uk

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