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Image: HiberniaAbout Hibernia

Hibernia is the name the Romans gave to Ireland. When they had scarcely arrived to Britain, Ireland, further north, was represented to their Mediterranean minds as a land of winter. However, for those who have spent time there, Ireland is truly a land of warm, not because of its climate, but because of its people, its culture and music.

Image: ManelThe musical group Hibernia was born with the desire to undo the former error, and to bring to the Mediterranean shores the magic of the Atlantic. Hibernia is formed by Manel Bernardo Venteo (guitar) and Raúl A. Nevado López (mandolin), but for the live shows they count some times with other musicians like José L. Sánchez López (bodhran) and Roberto Cejas León (tin and low whistle).

Image: RaúlManel and Raúl had already crossed their musical careers before joining Hibernia, in other projects and in other genres, mainly rock and heavy rock, but the idea of founding a group of Celtic music had always floated in their minds. Not in vain, both have been pupils of Víctor Estrada, who is one of the pioneers in Catalonian Celtic Music. Even so, the difficulty of finding other musicians had thwarted the project some times before. However, in mid-2008, Manel and Raúl meet again and they decide to undertake the task of forming the group, as a duo, giving rise to Hibernia.

There is something in the Celtic music that makes it a common heritage for all the world, something has been preserved somehow in its textures, rhythms and melodies, something old and archaic that other music has lost, a kind of magical memories that are lost in the mists of time, about hope, love, sadness and a certain melancholy.

The universal connection of the Celtic music is more clear in nations like ours, not in vain, it must be remembered that we Celtiberians, descendants of ancient Rome, we are at once the point from which the ancient Celts came to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and even Britain.

Website: www.myspace.com/hibernium

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