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The Gambling Lambs
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Image: The Gambling LambsAbout The Gambling Lambs

The Gambling Lambs started around the middle of 2008, when Neil and Dan bumped into each other in the local pub and started talking about guitars. It took Dan a few months to persuade Neil to bring his instrument to the pub one Friday evening but eventually they found themselves squeezed into a corner with a couple of guitars, competing with the jukebox and a television set.

Neil had been playing guitar for 30-odd years and was getting a little bored with it. After a couple of weeks, much to Dan's horror, he turned up with a mandolin! Amazingly, things suddenly started to sound quite promising and they went from strength to strength, playing a mix of English, Scottish, Irish and American tunes as well as (mostly) their own self-penned instrumental pieces, and can now be seen frequently at the Castle public house in Bishop's Stortford.

They also have a 'live rehearsal' in the same venue every Monday evening at around half past nine - everyone welcome!

Website: www.myspace.com/thegamblinglambs

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