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The Kerman Mandolin Quartet
Featured Band

Image: The Kerman Mandolin QuartetAbout The Kerman Mandolin Quartet

The Kerman Mandolin Quartet, which bears the name of the Israeli luthier Arik Kerman, is formed of four internationally acclaimed solo mandolinists: Jacob Reuven from Israel, Fabio Gallucci from Italy, Vincent Beer-Demander from France and Mari Carmen Simon from Spain.

For the past 20 years, Arik Kerman has been collaborating with mandolinist Jacob Reuven in order to create an instrument of matchless possibilities of sound and colour. Using the knowledge and traditions of violin building, Kerman has been producing instruments that enable mandolinists to play repertoire originally written for violin and other string instruments with great success, thus helping to integrate the mandolin into the classical concert stage and significantly broaden its repertoire possibilities.

Image: The Kerman Mandolin QuartetThe Kerman Mandolin Quartet's objective is to produce new performances of pieces originally written for string quartets as well as arrangements, contemporary music and new commissions.

Website: www.kermanmandolinquartet.com/

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