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Image: Band'oAbout Band'o

Jemina and Selina Sillanpää have been studying music since they were still in kindergarten. Their formal studies took place in Lahti Music School but through the years they played and studied folk music at home and at festivals and courses. They have always been interested in dance and theatre as well as music, and at the moment Selina is studying musical theatre at Lahti University of Applied Sciences and Jemina is studying acting at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. Jemina has also been acting in TV and in two long movies that premiered in the fall of 2006.

Image: Selina SillanpääSeppo has been playing folk and country music since he was a teenager. His first professional group was called Vanha Isäntä and during that time he also worked as a studio musician and also as a visiting musician for other bands such as Cumulus and Pihasoittajat. The first Seppo Sillanpää solo recordings came out some ten years later after a period of finishing studies of musicology, teaching music and several radio jobs. The CDs Akustin Polska and Lamentarola led to the formation of a new string band that played on biggest folk festivals in Finland in the beginning of the 90s including backing up Peter Rowan at Kaustinen 1991.

Image: Jemina SillanpääThe next two Sillanpää albums featured children's music and Seppo's own daughters Jemina and Selina as singers. Siljakudaa and Äkkiä Pakoon albums led to another new band in Lahti. The new six-piece group played music for children in 1994-95 and also made 10 TV shows for the national channel 2.

In 1995 Seppo began playing folk music with the girls as a trio and gave some of the first concerts in USA during a radio survey trip to Ithaca New York. The next two U.S. trips were actual concert tours; in the summer of 1997 'The Sillanpää Family' played around in New York state. In 1999 they recorded a new bilingual album called Moon Madness and soon the "Moon Madness Tour" took the whole family to New England and New York for 15 concerts including a 3 hour WVBR radio show Bound for Glory in Ithaca and a video recording session at Fall Creek Studios, Ithaca..

In July - August 2000 The Sillanpää Family played in Berkeley and Sonoma, California and Naselle Washington, USA. In 2001 they performed at several folk music festivals in Finland.

Image: Band'oIn 2003 Sillanpääs went through some changes. They recorded the Band'o album with Bluelight Records and changed their band name to Band'o. Olli Haavisto and Janne Viksten who played on the album started performing with the group and Tom Nyman, who used to play in Seppo's former band, joined in as well. They played at several clubs and festivals in Finland during the summer 2003.

In the summer of 2005 Sillanpääs toured the United States again after a long break. They played in the NY area and also in Mid-West, in Colorado and Kansas.

The 2nd Band'o album AWAY came out in June 2006 and it was almost wholly loaded with new original Selina & Jemina songs. It was co-produced by Janne Viksten and Selina and recorded and mixed by Janne Viksten. The Band'o musicians were joined with Olli Haavisto's brother percussionist Janne Haavisto during the recording sessions.

The Sillanpääs flew to USA as soon as the Away album was out for a 5 week tour on both coasts. The schedule included Trumansburg's famous Grassroots-festival, Finnfest concerts in Oregon and Washington, another Bound for Glory -radio concert, and several concerts and club gigs in Massachusetts and New York.

Website: www.sillanpaa.info/

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