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Nigel Gatherer
Featured Artist

Image: Nigel GathererAbout Nigel Gatherer

Nigel Gatherer is 48 years old and lives in Crieff, a small town on the southern fringes of the Scottish Highlands. His employment time is split between graphic design and teaching traditional Scottish music. In graphics, he's self-employed and has worked from home for about sixteen years, designing logos, trademarks, promotional material, company stationery and, more recently, web sites. To see some of Nigel's work, visit the ETC Graphics web site.

For eight years now Nigel has also taught Scottish music in classes and to individual students. This now occupies half of the working week, which is a change from sitting alone in front of a computer. His students learn mandolin, penny whistle, guitar, and music in mixed instrument groups.

Nigel's main hobby is Scottish music, and in this field he has played with various bands, although since he moved away from Edinburgh his involvement in a formal band setting has been very limited. He also writes about music and song, and collects books and records concerned with traditional music. Visit the traditional music section of his web site to find out more.

All too rarely these days, Nigel also manages to fit in some watercolour painting. He hopes to find more time for such pursuits in the near future.

Website: Nigel Gatherer's Traditional Music Pages

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