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Florian Salzmann
Featured Artist

Image: Florian SalzmannAbout Florian Salzmann

Florian Salzmann studies music in education and artistic instrument training with a major in mandolin with Prof. Caterina Lichtenberg at the Hochschule für Musik Köln, campus Wuppertal.

Beside his studies he teaches at the School of Music and Art Remscheid and gives classes at the "Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker" Additionally, he concentrates on soloist plays as well as playing in various chamber-musical occupations and plucked string orchestras.

Salzmann furthermore works together with different composers, who write for him Among those plays, which are dedicated to him, are: Silvan Wagner: Prelude for mandolin and guitar, Arthur Schall: Bonefragments (quartet for mandolin, flute, guitar and violoncello), Arthur Schall: Drugs-Suite (mandolin and guitar) - dedicated to Arte Izquierda, Marius Müller: Fiets (mandolin solo), Marius Müller: Der Wind hat mir erzählt ... (the wind told me) (Song cycle for soprano, flute, mandolin and guitar), Erik tHart: Quattro Lumicini Differenziati (double concert for mandolin, guitar and plucked string orchestra), Michiel A. Wiesenekker: Battaglia a Due (mandolin and guitar) - dedicated to Arte Izquierda.

Website: www.arte-izquierda.de

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