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Joel McDermott
Featured Artist

Image: Joel McDermottAbout Joel McDermott

Joel McDermott is a life-long student of the mandolin and also a passionate teacher. He started to take the mandolin seriously after hearing a Simon Mayor CD in a London record store, deciding there and then to explore the possibilities of the instrument for himself.

He loves the versatility of the modern mandolin and is really excited about the growing repertoire and acceptance of mandolins outside of traditional circles. Joel's compositions and recordings have been featured on several radio stations around the world, including the BBC.

Joel also plays fingerstyle, classical, flat-picking and rhythm guitar as well as the banjo and cuatro.

Wire Work

Wire Work is Joel McDermott's first solo instrumental album. Joel plays original compositions and traditional tunes arranged for guitar, mandolin, banjo and cuatro.

Wire Work Review by Simon Mayor

CD Cover: Wire Work"As much traditional and trad-inspired music as there is on Joel McDermott's debut album Wire Work, this is about as far from a pub session thrash as you could get. Subtlety is the word of the moment: exquisitely rendered slow airs and a staunch resistance to any temptation to speed through the faster sets. McDermott allows the great sensitivity of his touch, playful and inventive arrangements and an obvious delight in the beautiful tone of his mandolin and guitar to come to the fore.

A mesmerising double mandolin arrangement of Carolan's Concerto competes for favourite track with a cheekily arranged opening set of reels. Indeed humour lurks never too far below the surface and culminates with a last track that catches the listener completely unaware. But this never intrudes on the beautiful collection of tunes and truly inspired playing."

Website: www.hahastudios.co.uk

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