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Simon Brady
Featured Artist

Image: Simon BradyAbout Simon Brady

Simon's father is a musician so he was brought up with music in the family. He was interested in music from a very early age. Aged about six, his father introduced him to the mandolin, mainly playing Bluegrass music.

In the 1980’s Simon won the mandolin section at the annual Edale Bluegrass Festival on three consecutive occasions, after which he was barred from future events. Later, he had a family trio called Grassroots, with his sister playing bass.

At the age of eight he started playing the guitar, firstly acoustic and later electric. At the age of fifteen, he joined “Rambling Fever” which was his first band. He has since played with several bands and am currently with the “Swing Commanders”

Some of his early influences were, Doyle Lawson and Ricky Scaggs and later Sam Bush, Mike Marshal and Chris Thile.

Musical styles include Classical, Jazz, Swing, Bluegrass, Blues and Ragtime.

Notable gigs include the Chet Atkins Pickers Association, Dunquerke, France, A tour of Texas in 2008 plus one for Marcel Dadi’s son.

Country's played are Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Dubai and America.

He has played on albums by Charlie Landsborough, Jerry Donahue and Nathan Carter.

Recently Simon was awarded the 2010 British Music Association, musician of the year trophy.

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