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John Edwards
Featured Artist

Image: John EdwardsAbout John Edwards

John Edwards started playing guitar in 1962 in Scotland, influenced by Hank Marvin and Duane Eddy, and around the age of 16-17 he played electric guitar in an early 60s beat group in and around Ayr and Prestwick. In the late 60s he transferred to acoustic guitar finger-picking, influenced particularly by John Fahey and Bert Jansch. Later he moved to Newcastle upon Tyne, where he took up other acoustic string instruments, frailing and finger picking banjo, and mandolin.

John has played mandolin for ceilidhs, bluegrass banjo and mandolin for Tynestep Appalachian cloggers (with whom he visited Tennessee in 1995, meeting Bill Monroe, and playing at the Carter Fold in Virginia). He later played rock 'n roll guitar with the One Eyed Cats, and bluegrass banjo/mandolin with Shoot the Breeze Square Dance Band. After a period of dabbling in jazz, he was a member of retro Americana blues/roots/Hawaiian trio, the Sleepwalkers, who released a CD: "You can’t get this stuff no more" in 2009.

Image: John EdwardsJohn now specialises in mandolin, which he currently plays in the old time American Swallow Hill String Band; in the North East Mandolin Band alongside mandolin pal, Jimmy Powells; and in the Side Cafe Orkestar, specialising in Balkans, latin, gypsy jazz, klezmer, etc. He also play tenor banjo with world music carnival street big band, Meze Mundo.

John's main musical interest is in late 19th/early 20th century acoustic music, including early ragtime, jazz, blues, banjo music, popular song, Southern Appalachian fiddle tunes, and bluegrass. He also enjoys music from around the world, especially 1930s/40s Parisien cafe music, the Swedish fiddle tradition, Balkans, klezmer, and early forms of Latin music, such as habañera, tango, and Brazilian choro.

John made his first tape recordings in the mid 1960s, especially influenced by the multi-tracked guitar and voice records of Les Paul and Mary Ford. From early experiments in sound on sound using reel-to-reel tape recorders, He has worked his way through to digital multitrack recording, and now composes and arranges through the medium of record production. John has just released a CD, "Temptation…" featuring vintage music from Europe and America, together with his own compositions in similar styles.

Website: www.edwardsounds.com

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