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John Kelly
Featured Artist

Image: John KellyAbout John Kelly

John Kelly originally played guitar and has played in various bands over many years, from back in the 60's with Shadows instrumentals to nowadays when he plays mainly in a ceilidh band with a few friends.

In between were spells playing bass in local trad jazz band and a small dance band. He added the mandolin family of instruments a few years ago and now tend to play them as much as the guitar.

John's recordings on Soundcloud began as a way of demonstrating the sound of the instruments he builds as a hobby since retiring after 35 years teaching English. The recordings just grew as he worked at learning multi-tracking and via Soundcloud he has heard lots of other players in many styles.

John also has a channel on YouTube under the avatar "TheOldBores" - the name of our ceilidh band, and this came about because he's also a frequenter of the Mandolin Cafe site and got involved with the Song-A-Week Social Group.

Isn’t being retired just great!

Listen: Soundcloud
Youtube: TheOldBores

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