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Dave Griffiths
Featured Artist

Image: Dave GriffithsAbout Dave Griffiths

Dave Griffiths is a renowned blues, choro and jazz mandolin player, a respected mandolin teacher and workshop leader.

His performance projects include Duo Recado with guitarist Helen James. His interest in Choro, the samba based music from Brazil, has teamed him up with fellow bluegrass mandolin wizard Mike Prior to form the quartet Brejeiro.

Dave plays mandolin and bass with Jim Reynolds.Dave plays mandolin and bass with Jim Reynolds featuring Jim's own wonderful songs and the music of, among others Ry Cooder, John Martin, Nick Drake and Roy Orbison.

Dave also runs workshops for Creative Vacances in France, the BMG Summer School and in his home town of Bristol.

Website: www.mandolinexpress.co.uk

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