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Gary Peterson
Featured Artist

Image: Gary PetersonAbout Gary Peterson

Gary was born in Lerwick, in 1958. He comes from a musical family: both his father and grandfather playing mandolin before him, and his maternal grandfather was a fiddler.

Gary started to play the mandolin at 12 years old, but later took up guitar and played with rock bands during his school years.

He later took up drums, and at 15 received drum lessons from Douglas Johnson. This led to Gary joining "The Apollos" a popular dance band around Shetland in the 70's. This was a great learning experiance for Gary.

Once Gary reached 18, he was old enough to get in to "The Lounge" in Lerwick - a popular pub for traditional music sessions - and this was to change his musical direction. He was greatly encouraged by the help and advice of the late Ronnie Cooper.

Through listening to Irish music and the sound of Scottish band Silly Wizard, Gary decided he would like to play the tenor banjo, and started this at the age of 20.

Garys musical influences were Ronnie Cooper, Phil Cunningham, Aly Bain, Gerry O'Connor, and Jimi Hendrix.

He uses the following: Kentucky Mandolin, Flatbush Parrotblaster, Windsor Popular Tenor Banjo, Jim Dunlop 60, and 73 plectrums.

Band(s): Hom Bru
Website: http://www.hombru.co.uk

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