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Frances Taylor
Featured Artist

Image: Frances TaylorAbout Frances Taylor

Frances Taylor is our first female interviewee – and a classical mandolinist to boot. Her first CD (of Baroque music for the mandolin) is due to be recorded this year. As a trained violinist, Frances did not encounter the mandolin until she was in her early twenties.

From then onwards she has devoted much of her time to the study of mandolin playing and its technique, as well as researching into its largely unexplored repertoire. Currently she is promoting early Italian music for one or two mandolins supported by a continuo of harpsichord and cello.

Frances was a pupil of the internationally acclaimed virtuoso mandolinist Ugo Orlandi, and studied the Italian school of mandolin playing at Padua Conservatoire. In 1992 Taylor also gained a M.Mus in Performance and Related Studies from the University of London. It is believed that it is the first degree awarded in the UK that included mandolin performance as an integral part of the assessment.

Taylor has given solo recitals throughout the UK and Europe, including the first solo mandolin recital for 20 years at the Purcell Room, London in April 1990.

An enthusiastic teacher of mandolin, Frances has created a special project to introduce young people to the mandolin in which, with the help of private sponsorship, mandolins are purchased from Italy and loaned out to pupils wishing to study the instrument.

Website: http://www.taylor-mandolin.com

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