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Petri Hakala
Featured Artist

Image: Petri HakalaAbout Petri Hakala

Petri Hakalas musical career started with guitar playing at the age of 11. Towards the end of the 1970s his interest in American old-time music and bluegrass started his long journey with the mandolin.

After that, Irish music was a natural choice. he was a member of a band called Korkkijalka, a pioneer in the Irish music scene in Finland, formed in the early 1980s. Soon after this, he also took an interest in Finnish folk music.

Since 1989 he has been teaching mandolins and guitar at the Folk Music Department of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. At this time he added an octave mandolin, mando-cello and fiddle to his repertoire of instruments.

Having been part of the several folk music bands in Finland, among them: Helsinki Mandoliners, Freshet, Markku Lepistö Band, Duo with Markku Lepistö, Erik Hokkanen & Lumisudet, Maria Kalaniemi & Aldargaz, Ottopasuuna, Värttinä, Korkkijalka. Concerts with the above mentioned groups have taken him all over Europe and USA quite frequently as well. He also worked as a studio musician (over 50 records) and occasional mandolin player at the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki.

His solo album Kirjo was released in 1999. The album features his own compositions, traditional Finnish pieces and couple of Brazilian choros. Choro music is a big favorite of his among the musical styles, natural mandolin music. One of the exciting things involved in recent years (playing mostly guitar) has been various projects of composer Timo Alakotila, among them : Tango Orchestra Unto , The Folk-Baroque ensemble Sama with The Dance Theater ERI, The Accordion Concerto and a recent duo recording of Timo and Johanna Juhola : Vapaassa Tilassa. That recording also gave him a chance to play with Roger Tallroth from Sweden whom he has admired for a long time.

He has worked with folk musicians from abroad, particularly with several American bluegrass performers in Finland, Peter Rowan, Dudley Connell, Tony Trischka and Laurie Lewis to name few, not forgetting Erik Hokkanen from Texas. Lumisudet group has been quite active for the past few years. One of the projects in recent history, is a group Freshet which involves Ruthie Dornfield, John Miller form Seattle and Tapani Varis. Freshet plays mostly original instrumental music with various international influences. The cd was released in 2005. Bluegrass gigs with J. Karjalainen, also occasional gigs with Lännen Jukka String Band.

A new cd "Trad." just released. It's a collection of mainly Finnish fiddle tunes arranged for several different combinations of mandolins and guitars, from solos to mandolin quartets. A book of transcription from the cd will follow soon.

Instrument(s): Mandolin family instruments, guitar and fiddle
Website: www.myspace.com/petrihakala

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