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Used Instruments » [S] The Loar F5 for sale

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  • Advertisement title: [S] The Loar F5 for sale
  • Price: 400 GBP
  • Date: Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:50 pm

  • Description:

    I have The Loar LM 700 mandolin for sale with hard case Mandolin in in fantastic condition overall. New strings. Good action. NO ISSUES.

    Full sound and ideal for all sorts of mandolin music. This is a 2012 model but extremely well kept.

    They have a slightly chunky neck but I fimd you just get used to anything really.

    This is their top model and Thomman price is over £800.

    Selling for £400.

    Jimmy Powells
    07904 165211 Landline 01670 715564 :smile: