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Postby deputydawg » Mon Jun 05, 2006 6:42 pm


I have had a Fylde Octavious mando for about 6 yrs now but the time has come to move on to a A style. I have just bought a cheap Washburn M1S which for the money is quite remarkable, but would like something a bit more up market.
You know the spec for the Fylde so i wont bore you, Its has a piezo pickup fitted at fylde which produces a very nice sound indeed.
The mando has been gigged and has a number of small 'dings' in the top and i carefully removed the varnish off the back of the neck and oiled it instead as i found it most anoying when playing for an extended period of time (hand sticks to varnish).
I have had to pack beneath the A strings as the tiny piece of wood that seperates the A strings on the bridge has broken off recently (if i were to keep the mando i may consider getind a replacement bridge from fylde, i dont think they are very expensive) although this does not seem to affect the sound/playability at all.
Anyway, all that said it is a beautiful instrument and plays great.
Anyone interested in that type of thing ?
Cheers Deputydawg.
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