Workshops offered on 8 June


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Workshops offered on 8 June

Postby Daniel » Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:15 pm

Hi folks,
I've booked recording time and hired a producer for my first full length album. It's expensive!
So my wife and I are organizing a bit of a fund-raiser on June 8 in the village of Arrington (east of Cambridge, north of Royston). One of the events on offer will be a couple of afternoon workshops run by myself.

First, I'll do a half hour workshop for beginning mandolinists. I'm aiming at people who perhaps play another instrument and have recently purchased a mandolin to broaden their musical horizons. Guitar players, especially, run into issues with technique and need a bit of help on left hand in order to get to the stretches required to fret four finger chop chords. On the right hand they tend to be too articulate with the pick and lose both tone and control. I hope to help everyone attending sort out these issues.

Second, I'll do a 3/4 hour, non-instrument specific workshop on Bluegrass. I'll explain the roles of various instruments in the genre, vocal traditions, and also Bluegrass Jam etiquette. We'll go around the circle (assuming more than 4 people show up!) and share some tunes.

There will be other events that evening, like an open stage, performances (still firming up the line-up, but I'll definitely play), and jive dancing to round out the night.

PM me if you're interested and I'll provide you with the necessary information to attend.

Thanks for looking!
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