Mobberly Eight - Good Friday


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Mobberly Eight - Good Friday

Postby cyberstoat » Tue Mar 13, 2007 8:55 pm

Hi All!

The coming of Good Friday in a couple of weeks time once again means that the MOBBERLY EIGHT pub crawl is upon us once again. Eight pubs in the Cheshire village of Mobberly, can you get round them ALL in the couple of hours available from opening time to closing time?

um..ok... these days they stay open more than two hours. But it's a great feeling as people descend from all over the country in their dozens ( isn't THAT famous!) to sup a pint or two in Mobberly.

And why do we care...? We care because at the end of the boozing comes the FOLK SONG BONANZA! As the regulars attend and sing, hum, strum, pipe and blow their way through a wide variety of songs from all sorts of backgrounds. I've attended a fair few times, and this is the first time I have been that there will be a mandolin, as my little friend will be accompanying me. And I hope I don't get too squiffy to play well!

I've got myself a repertoire of a few numbers to throw out as the afternoon progresses, and more besides can be done strumming and plucking along. Anyone else who plans to turn up - bring a mandolin :D

Yours aye!

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