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London Mandolin Festival

Postby londonmandolinfestival » Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:39 am

Dear all,

My name is Ian Segui, I'm a mandola player frequently playing in the remaining mandolin groups in London (Lewisham BMG orchestra, North London Mandolin & Guitar Club, and Watford Plectra Orchestra). There was previously a mandolin group in many boroughs of London like Croydon, Hackney, and Ilford with a thriving membership boasting 30 players. The remaining groups are slowly ageing and Watford and North London once faced extinction having less than 5 players.

I am organising a mandolin festival in London based on the Australian mandolin festivals. All mandolin players in and around London are invited to join in a mass orchestra to perform a concert for the public. The festivals in Australia have been successful in raising awarness of the instrument and encouraging new and experienced players to join a mandolin group and so I'm hoping for the same to happen in London. The style of music is classical with at least 3 contemporary works and 2 baroque pieces. At least 3 pieces will be pieces suggested by registered players. Register now at to get your piece included!

The basic timeline for the festival is as follows -

  1. Parts for 8-10 works for mass mandolin orchestra will be sent to registered players at the end of August
  2. Registered players will be asked their preferred venues and dates for rehearsals between October and November
  3. The first read through will be held in February. From this we can determine how many further rehearsals are required.
  4. The final rehearsal and concert will be held in April
We are looking for the following types of players

  • Mandolin
  • Mandola or Mandocello
  • Classical Guitar
  • Acoustic Bass Guitar or Double Bass

Any level of player is invited but those that cannot read music or are relatively new may find difficulty learning the music. The ability to sight read is not required. Rehearsals will be on Saturdays 10am-4pm and the concert on a Saturday evening. There should be a maximum of 5 day rehearsals. Registration is free but small donations may be requested during rehearsals to pay for various costs.

Register at Feel free to email me to ask me questions or to request for examples of music that will be included. I have had interest from players as far as Cambridge, Chelmsford and Brighton.

Let me know if you want to visit one of the existing mandolin groups in London as they need new members!

Looking forward to hear from players!

Ian Segui
London Mandolin Festival Organiser
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