London Mandolin Festival Concert May 17th


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London Mandolin Festival Concert May 17th

Postby londonmandolinfestival » Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:07 pm

The London Mandolin Festival concert last May was a huge success with positive feedback from both the audience and the players. If you were unable to make the concert, some of the best recordings made from both concerts can be found in If you enjoy the music and are able to commute to central London for a couple of rehearsals and concerts then why not perform with us at the next festival? Contact to register and join in the fun!

The Second Mandolin Festival is looking to be even bigger with more plucked string players and Accordion and Clarinet players invited to augment the sound.

The following pieces are slated to be performed for the next festival with more to be decided -

  • Danza Cubana, a lively cuban piece utlising the rumba rhythm which will be common theme for the festival
  • Dances for Mandolin and the Moon by Richard Charlton, a Sydney composer well known for his contemporary guitar compositions
  • Song of Japanese Autmn by Yasuo Kuwahara, a popular contemporary Japanese piece with huge contrasts
  • Klezmer Suite by Elke Tober Vogt for Clarinet, Accordion and Mandolin Orchestra
  • Baska Voda by Peter Hoch for Accordion and Mandolin Orchestra

The festival welcomes locally written UK works written specifically for mandolin orchestra. Suggest or forward your own piece now at

Some quotes from the festival

Philip, 2nds mandolin player wrote:I enjoyed playing with everyone immensely and learnt a lot about other players, the orchestra and of course my own playing as well.

Marco, audience wrote:Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the concert. I have been taught by Frances Taylor for 5 months and it really gave me an idea about what the instrument is capable of. I thought Travis Finch's solo was breathtaking. I hope to be a part of it some day.
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