2010 Second London Mandolin Festival - RUMBA AND ACCORDION


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2010 Second London Mandolin Festival - RUMBA AND ACCORDION

Postby londonmandolinfestival » Sat Oct 17, 2009 10:15 pm

Due to the success of the 2009 Festival concert the London Mandolin Festival returns
Uniting voluntary plucked string players all over London in one mass orchestra
Promoting plucked string instruments and the ailing Mandolin and Guitar groups
Showcasing the range and beauty of music for Mandolin Orchestra
From Folk to Klezmer to Contemporary, Japanese to Cuban

The theme for the 2010 Second London Mandolin Festival is "Rumba and Accordion"
Players taking part will expect to perform pieces featuring the rumba rhythm
and be accompanied by an Accordion soloist

The festival still needs more players! If you can play either

* Mandolin, Mandola or Mandocello
* Classical Guitar
* Acoustic Bass Guitar or Double Bass

Register now at londonmandolinfestival@googlemail.com to join in the fun!
We desperately need guitarists! Encourage any guitarists you know to register!

Two rehearsal dates have been confirmed on Nov 8 2009 and Jan 24 2010.
Rehearsals will be held in Conway Hall. Directions to Conway Hall can be found in http://www.conwayhall.org.uk/where.htm.
Performance date and venue is still to be confirmed.

More details and examples of recordings from the First London Mandolin Festival can be found in http://londonmandolinfestival.org.uk

The festival looks forward to hearing from players!
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