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Rags Reels & Airs – An education

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:28 am
by Tosh Marshall
As a relative newbie looking for inspiration, the Dave Swarbrick album Rags Reels and Airs recommended by Dave H, has certainly touched a nerve.
Sometimes we don’t appreciate our home grown talent enough and look for inspiration across the pond, but there is plenty on our own doorstep.
After several listenings I decided to find the music and tab it out and I have had a lot of fun. I used various books (O’Niells, Kerrs etc) and various websites and was astounded by the different versions of the same song. I chose those I thought sounded nearer the record of course, but it goes to show the number of variations there are and finding a definitive version can be hard! I’ll never be a Dave Swarbrick but just to play them at half or quarter speed is an achievement for me!