Mandolin modification pictures

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Mandolin modification pictures

Postby robbie59 » Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:27 pm

Hi everyone,

Here are some pictures and explanations of my modifications.
A few years ago my wife gave me an acoustic-electric mandolin for my birthday. I taught myself to play.
Being spoiled with all the luxury and parts you can buy for guitars, I decided to rebuild my mandolin also.
First I changed the 2 cheap looking 4-pieces-in-a-row instable open tuners for 8 closed selflubricating mini tuners. This really makes a difference.
You really can’t buy much for mandolins, because it’s a non-commercial instrument.
I always say” If you can’t buy it, you can always make it”. Since I’m a metal worker (machinist), I made a complete stainless steel whammy bar kit for my mandolin; Yes, it really works on an 8-string, without any detuning!!!!
Because of the mass added to the instrument I got a much stronger sound and a better sustain. I also made a complete adjustable floating roller bridge and dice shaped tuning knobs and volume and tone knobs.
Besides that I made a pickup holder, so the pickup is much better to adjust now, and a separate transparent ‘sandwich’ scratchplate, so you can place pictures between the two plates.
For the electric part I put in a DiMarzio Fast Track 1 pickup, and also a 3-way switch for Parallel/Coil cut/Series.
The mandolin still sounds as a mandolin with the clear and sparkling sound, but this friendly looking instrument has enough power to rattle your windows!!!!


I also have an Eastwood Mandocaster mandolin that I bought a few months ago, and yup, you guessed it.
I am already brainstorming and making drawings for a new bridge for the Mandocaster,
because I don’t really like the Telecaster-style bridge. Since the Mandocaster is so small the Telecaster-type bridge doesn’t work to well for this instrument.
Sometimes the saddles are instable which causes detuning, and I don’t like the way the strings are attached to the bridge.
I’ve also read about other Mandocaster players having similar issues and complaints.
I want a stable mandolin and a nice sustain. It will take some time, but I’ll make it work.

Keep on rockin’, Robert
Website: Robert Rocks The Mandolin
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