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AJ Lucas

Postby Daniel » Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:11 pm

I just wanted to share my happy experience with AJ Lucas.

I have a 2006 Gary Vessel F5 mandolin, one of only 2 outside the US and the only one in the UK. It is my voice when I play mandolin. I helped design the visual aspects of the instrument, and it was ordered on the day that Gary's daughter was born. Saying "it's special" is like calling Father Christmas a nice guy.

I had been looking for someone to help me with it. It had some discomfort settling in to English weather after living its forst 6 years in California. And then it needed new frets.

I met AJ at a guitar meet (look up rmmga on facebook) and after playing two mandolins he brought with him, we ended the weekend temporarily swapping mandolins. A couple of weeks later AJ was in my lounge with my mandolin. It is absolute bliss to play these days. Much easier than it was for the last 18 months.

He did a great job. Highly recommended.


PS: his mandolins are wonderful too.
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