new member needs advice

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new member needs advice

Postby saez » Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:10 pm

Hello everyone

I am new to this forum and after 35 years of playing guitar I bought a mandolin two weeks ago from a well known auction site, something I said I would not do unless it was fairly local so I could play the instrument first.
Anyway it was not local but I bit the bullet and won it for £100.

It is a beautiful spanish made prudencio saez teardrop shape flat back, spruce top and walnut sides ( was told mahogony but does not have the redness tinge but I could be wrong ) I had hobgoblin in london do the set up for me which was an amazing job, I had a new tailpiece put on also.
It sounded very special, the strings seem to ring forever even before the set up was done, so I was even happier after they had finished with it, I have only heard of prudencio through their classical guitars.

The only thing which I did not like was the headstock had a black high gloss finish which I assume was done by the previous owner and on close inspection could see the natural wood underneath being mahogony, (again I think).
I sanded the black off in a small area to reveal the original shade and am now considering staining the headstock with a walnut varnish which again I have tested on a small area and it looks very nice. (not too red)

So I would really appreciate some information please on the following

How many coats off varnish would you recommend.
Should I top coat with a yacht varnish, again how many coats.

Have just noticed damaged screw head on tuner wont be easy to remove so may have to use tiny hacksaw blade to create opening or may have to replace the screw, any suggestions and can anyone suggest supplier.

Best solution to clean tuners and cogs.

Well thanks all for looking and the site is a real gem, I only wish I had picked up a mandolin years ago.

Regards Saez
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Postby Dave Hanson » Sun Sep 27, 2009 3:30 pm

Saez I would recommend you looking at FRETS.COM or asking your questions a the mandolin cafe, bth are very good

FRETS.Com is run by luthier Frank Ford and has got a mandolin section plus all about finishing instruments etc. you will find all your answers there.

Welcome to by the way, Dave H [ moderator ]
Dave Hanson
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new member questions

Postby saez » Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:16 pm

Thanks for the reply Mr Hanson, I will check those sites out, I did manage to get the screws out with a lot of patience and have fortunately found screws to replace.

Regards Saez
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