Is my idea for a custom mandolin-family instrument possible?

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Is my idea for a custom mandolin-family instrument possible?

Postby oakenhurst » Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:42 pm

Hi! I play a baritone ukulele in tenor tuning (G'CEA), and I'm looking in to getting a new instrument. I'd like to get a sound that's richer and more mettalic and buzzy than the uke, and I've always loved Donal Lunny's Irish bouzouki sound. Would it be possible to have a bouzouki built on a similar scale to the bari uke (about 20 inches), and with four courses of 2 strings, but that's tuned to G'CEA like a tenor uke?

Also, what is the difference between an octave mandolin and an Irish bouzouki?

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Postby Dave Hanson » Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:10 am

If you can find a luthier to do it you can have anything you like built for you, you could always buy an octave mandolin and with the right strings tune it any way you like.

Bouzoukis of any style generally have a longer scale length than octave mandolins and use various tunings, whereas the ocvtave mandolin usually has the same scale length as a tenor banjo and is mostly tuned EADG one octave below mandolin tuning.

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