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The North East Mandolin Band

Image: The North East Mandolin Band

The North East Mandolin Band now has around 20 members but always looking for more members on mandolin, piano accordion, bass or light percussion.

The mandolin players do not have to be able to read music.

Based around Newcastle upon Tyne they have a fortnightly private rehearsal in Cramlington with the odd public performance but hope to do more.

More details on jimmypowells.co.uk

The British BMG Federation: 3rd Mandolin Teachers' Course

British BMG FederationIts aim is to educate players and music teachers in all aspects of mandolin teaching.

Further it is the aim to enable the participants to sit either of the Mandolin Teaching Diplomas offered by Victoria College of Music and in future London College of Music.

The course will further candidates knowledge across the range of styles and techniques used on the mandolin. Participants will gain an overview over the literature and history of the instrument. All components of the course are linked to help participants gain skills and knowledge the areas of techniques, history, literature and methodology of the instrument.

Further information

Kevin Macleod - Highland Strands

Kevin's 4th solo recording "Highland Strands" with long-standing friends Luke Plumb (Shooglenifty) on bouzouki & mandolin, Alec Finn (De Danann) on bouzouki, fiddler John Martin (Ossian, Easy Club, Tannahill Weavers), guitarist Matheu Watson, mandolinist Tim Jones & flautist Phil Smillie (Tannahill Weavers).

Together they perform Scottish marches, reels, & retreats from the ancient repertoire of the great Highland bagpipe, jigs, waltzes, and airs from Ireland and America and new tunes by Ian Hardie, Andy Statman, Freeland Barbour, Ali 'Beag' MacLeod and Allan MacDonald.

This is lively, upbeat, acoustic music rooted in the traditional folk music of Scotland, performed with vivacity and spirit by masters of the tradition.

Another excellent CD from one of my favourite musicians, this CD should not be missed, a delight to the ears!


Pyrates - Uncharted Lands

CD cover: Pyrates - Uncharted Lands Uncharted Lands; 13 tracks of sea faring tunes an' song ranging from reworked classics that the band hasn't performed for years

Some new material that they've only started doing recently and a few tracks they've been doing regularly that you landlubbers have been demanding that they put on a cd.

There's something for just about everyone on this record!

Pyrates - Uncharted Lands available from


Simon Mayor - Hilary James - Mandolinquents - Slim Panatella & the Mellow Virginians - The Two Sisters

Slim Panatella.DECEMBER 2014

19 THAMES DITTON. The Ram Folk Club, Old Cranleighan Club Simon Mayor & Hilary James- Christmas party night


12 CLACTON-ON-SEA. details coming soon Mandolinquents

Mandolin.org.uk Featured Artist:

Image: Joel McDermottJoel McDermott

International concert performer and recording artist.

Mandolin.org.uk Featured Band:

Image: SixfifteenSixfifteen

The three members of Sixfifteen got together for fun at the Larmertree festival in 2005, and secured a spot in the Acoustic Roots Cafe at a quarter past six. Their first live Performance went so well that they were asked back for the following two days at…6:15.

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Kevin Macleod
Master of the Mandolin.

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Colin Keefe, Luthier
Colin Keefe is a professional guitar and stringed instrument maker based in the East Midlands, UK.


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