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Master mandolin player Frances on why her instrument is so mysterious

Frances Taylor of The British Mandolin & Guitar Federation on why she loves it.



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Image: Andy WattAndy Watt

Andy Watt is a talented young mandolin player and guitarist. Originally from Callander in Perthshire, he is currently half way through his studies on the Bmus folk and traditional music degree at Newcastle University.

Mandolin.org.uk Featured Band:

Image: Nov' MandolinNov' Mandolin

One of a kind, this professionnal plectrum group is made of Vincent Beer-Demander, Fabio Gallucci, Cécile Valette, Gregory Morello, Marilyn Montalbano,  five teachers and concert performers graduate of the french and italian National Conservatoires.

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Frances Taylor
Frances Taylor is our first female interviewee - and a classical mandolinist to boot.

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Rob Collins - TinGuitar.com
About Rob Collins, and the instruments "Biscuit tin guitars?"


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