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Simon Mayor ~ Hilary James ~ The Mandolinquents Slim Panatella & the Mellow Virginians

...and as the chaste snowdrops, those venturous harbingers of Spring give way to crocuses and sweet primroses cracking open the earth's brown shell, Simon Mayor & Hilary James are truly in poetic mood as they wander, lonely as daffodils, floating high o'er main roads and motorways all the way to The Arlington Arts Centre at Newbury on 24th April to join a crowd, nay, a host of golden musicians…. otherwise known as fellow Mandolinquents Richard Collins and Gerald Garcia with special guests The Carrivick Sisters for The Mandolinquents & Friends Spring Extravaganza.

London Mandolin Ensemble

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Image: Gary PetersonGary Peterson

Gary Peterson is a superb mandolinist with a mastery of the music of his native islands. The way he ornaments tunes is a joy to the ear and his use of short bursts of tremolo in place of the triplets others might use is especially distinctive and most impressive.

Mandolin.org.uk Featured Band:

Image: PlektronitePlektronite

Plektronite: traditional dance and ceremonial music from Finland.

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Gary Peterson - Hom Bru
superb mandolinist with a mastery of the music of his native islands.

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Con Rendell
Versatile and Innovative Instrument Maker with 38 Years Experience


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