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Master mandolin player Frances on why her instrument is so mysterious

Frances Taylor of The British Mandolin & Guitar Federation on why she loves it.



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Image: Daniel NestlerodeDaniel Nestlerode

Cambridge singer, songwriter, and mandolinist Daniel Nestlerode spent the first half of his life in central Pennsylvania where he learned guitar and started writing music. His first band, No Commercial Potential, covered Frank Zappa, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, and Brand X.

Daniel spent the second half of his life in California pursuing a music career in a jam band called Kilgore Trout, and afterward as a solo artist. Inspired by his acquaintance with Joe Craven Daniel began playing mandolin. He was hooked from the first moment, and in a few years made the mandolin his first instrument.

The "third" half of Daniel's life has begun in earnest in Cambridge, England where he has had the fortune of working with Folk Artistes, Anthony John Clarke, Louise Jordan, and Martin Kaszak. The experience of working with these excellent musicians has emboldened Daniel to start a solo career in earnest. You'll see him in some of the UK's best folk clubs playing original songs, a variety of traditional folk songs, and more modern covers. Everything from Stephen Foster to Victoria Vox. Daniel has also just released an EP called Nibbles.

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Image: The Cherry PickersThe Cherry Pickers

The Cherry Pickers is a five-piece Somerset band featuring 3 female vocalists and an instrumental line-up comprising guitar, fiddle, mandolin, double bass and cocktail drums.

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Simon Mayor
Those familiar with Simon Mayor's playing will be aware of the beautiful tone he gets from his Vanden mandolin, whether playing beautifully decorated melodies, complex chordal arrangements of tunes or accompanying the playing or singing of others...

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Davidson Instruments
From mechanical engineering to Mandolins.


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