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Review Manson Mandolins

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Andy Manson
Maker Review

Andy Manson Mandolin

Owned by Martin Barre of Jethro Tull.
See his latest solo album Stage Left Track 7 "D.I.Y."
For years I've poked fun at Mandolins mainly because my short fat fingers are not suited to the smaller scale. Finally I bought one; the sound and craftmanship are amazing.

Mandolin BackMandolin Back large

olid Oe MandolaSolid Oe Mandola
Created for Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull Now owned by John Paul Jones


Triple Neck Arch-Top Mandolin/OeMandola/Bass Mandolin

Triple Neck Arch-Top Mandolin/OeMandola/Bass Mandolin.
Created for John Paul Jones - 2000
Here seen being played by JPJ for the first time.

In the background, my brother Hugh Manson maker of fine solid instruments.

Triple Neck Arch-Top

MandolinMandolin created for John Paul Jones

2 Neck Mandolin/MandolaDouble Neck Mandolin Created for Lief Sorbye of "Tempest"

Double Neck Mandolin





Source http://www.andymanson.co.uk/
November, 2004