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Image: Ash mandolin

Image: Ash mandolin

Image: Ash mandolin

Image: Ash mandolin

Sean Ash
Ash Mandolins

Image: Tobin InstrumentsFormally IT Professional - Worked on the Continent - Holland, Italy France. Settled in Amsterdam for over fifteen years. On return to UK just prior to the credit crunch (2007) had the idea to make instruments rather than go work for a corporation & be d-humanised in the `dry' world of IT.

Literally woke up one day with the idea to go buy a mandolin & learn to play it. Studied the instrument, became apparent it was small enough and manageable to attempt to make one. Had inherited the wood-working gene from carpenter father, also meant was a garage full of quality tools at my disposal.

So started with a mandolin kit, which was very poor quality. Researched on the internet about wood, tools etc. Bought a vintage Gibson A4 style mandolin from the 1920s & used it to model construction of my first arch top instrument. After a few years built up some stock improving after each new build, refining skills and building instruments faster. In the spring of 2011 `Acoustic Magazine' published a article about me and my work - sales quickly followed.

Then again another article appeared in the same magazine last year. Now have two workshops, one small facility in Manchester & recently acquired a large workshop in Peckham - a place which suits me as it is becoming more Bohemian & modern re-development is taking place.

As well as making instruments also run lutherie courses. Like to think that what sets my mandolins apart from others is the combination of exquisite tone, one piece necks and natural beauty of expertly finished tone wood. I don't use any wood dyes and rather leave the wood in its natural state.

Have made many instruments - both a and f styles. Also ukes and guitars.

One future project of great excitement is the building of a Mandocello - with a 62.87 cm scale length. This is a anticipated commission from a customer who was suitably impressed with his F4 Mandolin which I made.

Source: http://www.ashmandolins.co.uk/
Jan, 2014