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Powerful, smooth, responsive

Powerful, smooth, responsive

Hand engraved tailpiece

Hand engraved tailpiece

Flat top family

Front flat top family

Flat top family

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Mandolin Express - Monica Russiske

Phil Davidson
Davidson Instruments

Davidson Mandolins logoPhil Davidson has been handcrafting fine instruments for twenty years, trading as "Banjo Surgery" since 1988. After a successful career in mechanical engineering he decided that his skills could be more satisfactorily utilised by making a vocation of his hobby and "Banjo Surgery" was born.

Davison Mandolin F ModelThe skills gained in engineering have proved indispensible in the construction of his widely acclaimed Banjo hardware, and Mandolin and Guitar tailpieces made and nickel-plated in his own workshop.

Davidson MandolinStyles

Davidson Mandolin F ModelNine models of Mandolin are offered, beginning with a Flat-Top which is superior in tone, volume and sustain to anything within its price range.

Carved Mandolins in A, A5, A50, F4 and F5, top quality Tonewoods as standard. Five models each of Tenor Mandola, Octave Mandola, Bouzouki, Mandocello, Cittern, and Piccolo Mandolin.

F modelDavison Mandolin A modelOptions include: Birdseye or Quilted Maple, Lacewood plus all standard Tonewoods.

Custom colours and finishes and an infinite variety of Inlay choices give an unrivalled uniqueness to our range.




Currently situated at Wick near Bath, the workshop is a converted piggery in very rural surroundings.



Mandolin A models 



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May, 2005