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keefe workshop


Colin Keefe

35, Chesterfield Avenue,
Long Eaton,
NG10 2DT
Telephone:- 01158 490 490

Colin Keefe

Colin KeefeColin Keefe is a professional guitar and stringed instrument maker based in the East Midlands, UK.

Building and repair all types of acoustic stringed instruments including classical and steel-strung guitars, mandolins, mandolas and banjos.

Also making and repair electric guitars and basses, and is an authorised Seymour Duncan dealer.


Arguably, the most important aspect of any stringed instrument is the thickness of and the type of bracing used on the sound-board / front. Unlike the larger manufacturers and other smaller makers, sander thicknessers are not used in the construction of my instruments. Every guitar front and back is hand-planed and tap-toned to achieve the very best results from the materials used.

Bracing patterns vary according to the type and size of the instrument and the quality of the wood. Each brace joint is checked with a dry-run before it is glued. In this way, even the less expensive models of guitars and mandolins may be versatile and well-rounded instruments.

An instrument professionally hand-built by Colin Keefe means total quality and absolute precision and attention to detail Every measurement and joint is checked and re-checked to ensure consistent quality and continuity; this produces an instrument which fulfils three essential criteria:

Scroll Mandolin

Scroll Mandolin
Soundboard Carved Alpine Spruce
Back & Sides German Figured Maple,
Carved Back
Neck German Figured Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Bridge Ebony bridge,
Price Tailpiece
Head Veneer Ebony
Purfling Laminate Black/WhitePlastic
Finish High Gloss

We used a cad drawing package on PC to remodel the curves of the usual Gibson shape and also open out the scroll slightly. The shape of the carving of the top along with the neck angle was also changed to increase down pressure on the saddle.

The top was tap toned and carved out to get the best possible results from the timber. The result is a responsive, comfortable instrument with all the normal treble response you'd expect but with more bass for chord voicings.


Soundboard Alpine Spruce
Back & Sides African Mahogany
Neck Flamed Maple, 3 Laminates
Fingerboard Honduras Rosewood
Head Veneer & Bindings Flamed Maple
Bridge Honduras Rosewood
Handmade Rosette Half Herringbone
Finish Gloss lacquer
Other Flamed Maple centre stripes on back

An Octave Mandola 500mm scale length with a rounded body shape. heelThe instrument was designed to give a great chord sound for backing a vocal, but still capable of producing those cutting Mandolin type sounds when Capo'd up the finger board.

Tuned an octave below a normal Mandolin, it means that it's instantly accessible to a Mandolin player wishing to expand their range of sounds.

Source http://www.keefeguitars.co.uk/
Sept, 2005