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specialising in biscuit tin guitars, mandolins and banjos.

TinGuitar.comAbout Rob Collins, and the instruments.

He is a hobby luthier, specialising in biscuit tin guitars, mandolins and banjos.

One-of-a-kind musical instruments, hand crafted in the West Yorkshire Pennine town of Hebden Bridge specialising in biscuit tin guitars, mandolins and banjos.

"Biscuit tin guitars?"

They are properly usable acoustic instruments with a unique metallic (!) sound somewhere between a banjo and steel-bodied guitar. They are made to be played and are well suited to strong plectrum and strumming styles or slide guitar playing. The accuracy, intonation and playability are just as you'd expect of a standard instrument.

8 string mandolin

This mandolin was built-to-order for Dave Wheatley of Spiral of Shame . For a custom job like this, I was able to offer Dave a selection of tins and build the mandolin to suit the tin he chose. Special features on this instrument include the nut-and-bolt strap button, full-length adjustable trussrod and a corian tail-block to protect the tin from the high tension of mandolin strings.

8 string mandolin top
8 string mandolin front
8 string mandolin back

Sound sample (0.5 MB)

Electric mandolinElectric mandolin

Built exactly like a solid bodied electric guitar, the electric mandolin measures 9" (22.5cm) across the body. This example has Schaller tuners and an EMG single-coil pickup.

Electric mandolin headstock

Source http://www.tinguitar.com
August, 2006